Pool components

Salt Chlorinator

Salt chlorinators are now the accepted standard for pool sanitising.  With the SaltExpert salt chlorinator you also get a new benchmark incontrol and convenience.

The result is pure, crystal clear water and happy, healthy swimmers.

Main characteristics

  • Control
    Manual dosing with liquid or granular chlorine can be haphazard. Over-dosing can cause eye irritation, itchy skin and a strong chlorine odour.
    SaltExpert salt chlorinators continuously generate the precise level of chlorine required. All you need do is top us the salt level occasionally.
  • Convenience
    From the Touch Pad, chlorine output can be adjusted and operating hours can be preset. So there can be one regime for weekdays and another for weekends, when the pool is more likely to be used.
    Even backwashing your sand filter can be safely managed from the controller, limiting water waste and operating safely.
  • Pool and Spa combinations
    Switching from the pool to the spa can be difficult. The pool’s chlorine level is far too high for a spa so the salt chlorinator would simply stop, or need to be turned off to stop it producing excessive chlorine.
  • Self cleaning
    At intervals determined by the intelligent software program, the SaltExpert will reverse the polarity of its plates. This ‘self-cleaning’ process clears the plates of any build up, extending the cell’s working life and virtually eliminating maintenance.

The SaltExpert controller work together to automatically turn down the VX output to the level required by the spa, and all with the push of a single button.

Ozone/Salt Chlorinator

Prozone has combined ozone and salt together in one Complete Sanitation System for your pool.


  • Eliminates Chemical Usage
  • Improves Sanitation
  • Eliminates Odors
  • Produces Crystal Clear Water

Ozon and Salt for Complete Sanitation

  • Complement each other for COST EFECTIVENESS
  • Universal system for pools up to 150m3
  • Lowest salt concentration available
  • Prozone “first to patent” ozone-chlorine bypass combination
  • Low Cell Current

Features No Other Manufacturers Offer

  • Prozone uses Advance Oxidation and pure O3 natural form of oxygen
  • Produces pure O3 ozone, no nitric acid by-products
  • Universal bypass installation kit, easy retrofit
  • Advance Hybrid Ozone Generator
  • Maintenance-free cell, easily serviced without removing bypass
  • Low as 2,100 to 2,500 ppm salt required
  • Bypass installation – no cutting of the main return
  • Maintenance-free cell, easily serviced without removing bypass

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